Sir Stirling Moss: Rossi is too good for F1

British racing legend reckons Rossi could cut it in the highest car racing class

WE SPOKE TO racing legend Sir Stirling Moss on rumours that Valentino Rossi could still make the switch to F1 after his MotoGP career and here's what Sir Stirling had to say:

“I’m certain Rossi could succeed in F1 if he wanted, if you are good at one motor sport you will be good at the other and Rossi has that much talent and understanding of speed I’m certain he could make it in F1. Even at the age of 32 when he retires, but personally I would not advise it.

"I think he is too good for F1, he would revolutionise the paddock by bringing in a sense of humour. If he seriously wanted to race F1 I’m sure his desire and dedication would see him succeed, but I don’t think he should do it, it would be a backwards step.

"The atmosphere in the F1 paddock is different to the motorcycle one, not as much fun and much more serious and I don’t think he would enjoy it."

So there you have it from one of British racing's greatest. Do you think Rossi could do it?