Ducati to Disney! Pecco Bagnaia to voice character in Disney flick!

In a move that nobody saw coming, Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia will voice a part in the Disney flick Elemental

Pecco Bagnaia - Ducati Corse, 2022 MotoGP

THE worlds of MotoGP and motion picture will collide in 2023, as factory Ducati rider Pecco Bagnaia confirms he will voice a character in the new Disney flick ‘Elemental’.

The new Disney Pixar film is set to hit the cinemas on June 21st 2023 and it follows the characters Ember and Wade (the latter which is voiced by Bagnaia in the Italian version of the film). It follows the unlikely duo, one of whom is a fiery personality and the other who prefers to go with the flow. They live in a world where earth, wind, fire, and water residents live together, and as is the way with Disney Pixar films, it’s a story of discovery and good-natured humour. It’s also probably not going to hold the attention of a die-hard MotoGP fan for very long - unless you have a penchant for Pixar films and if that's your bag, fair enough!

Ducati to Disney for Pecco!

While the move may look slightly odd from the outset, it does at least show how much of a big-name star Bagnaia has become in his native Italy, and if nothing else, introducing the 2021 MotoGP champion to a new, younger audience can never be described as a bad thing.

Before Bagnaia can enjoy the premier of the film though, he has some slightly more pressing work as his home GP at Mugello begins on June the 9th, with the lights going out for race day on Sunday the 11th.

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