MotoGP simplifies stalled bike procedure

All stalled bikes must be moved to pit lane, no grid assistance allowed at any time.
MotoGP simplifies stalled bike procedure

MotoGP has changed the rules regarding stalled machines in all three grand prix classes.

The simplification of the regulations follows Fabio Quartararo stalling his Petronas Yamaha as the warm-up lap began in Qatar.

The current rules state that in such a situation, a rider can receive assistance on the grid to restart the bike for an unspecified 'short period' and then rejoin the warm-up lap. However Quartararo was moved straight off the grid.

The same assistance window applied if a rider stalled after the race start. Once the 'short period' is over, the rider must start the bike in pit lane.

However, no grid assistance is allowed if the rider stalls at the end of the warm-up lap, just before the race begins.

The rule change has unified the procedure for all three scenarios, to avoid confusion and any unfairness which could occur if one rider stalls next to a marshal and can be swiftly assisted, while another rider has no marshals nearby.

From now on, any stalled bikes must be removed from the grid and restarted in pit lane (as was the case for Quartararo, whose team perhaps feels he should have been given more time to restart on the grid).

This change will also prevent any starting equipment being brought back onto the track.

While Quartararo began the race from the end of pit lane, the new rules make clear that if a rider can exit before pit lane is closed, they may rejoin the warm-up lap and start from the back of the grid.