MotoGP could be heading to Portimão

The final round of the 2020 MotoGP calendar could see the circus heading to the Portimão for November finale

Portimão MotoGP
Portimão MotoGP

THIS is just in and we are digging around to try and find out more but, the MotoGP season for 2020 could end at the Portimão circuit on November 22nd.

It’s true that 2020 has for the entire planet been a bit of a washout. Almost all major sporting events have had to be thoroughly rejigged, and for millions of people, the best part of the summer has been spent staring at laptops while working from home.

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MotoGP is also not immune from the upheaval, as the 2020 racing calendar was thrown into disarray months ago. Dorna, IRTA and the FIM have though worked hard to try and put on a show, despite the crowds not being allowed to pack into the circuit.

There could be one particularly pleasant silver lining for fans of MotoGP though, as the restructuring of the season may have just thrown up a juicy proposition of an event for the final race of 2020. Rumours are circling online that point to the MotoGP season ending at Portimão on November 22nd.

The circuit is a World Superbike stronghold, having featured on the schedule for that event for many years. It’s also a stunning track, with epic elevation changes that makes it as much of a spectacle to watch at as it is to ride.

While the whispers from the interwebs are as yet unconfirmed, the vent heading there for a finale does make sense. With all the flyaway rounds cancelled and a shorter European season of double headers planned, Portimão stands out as a track that could easily accept the bikes, the teams, and (if they are allowed) the fans.

It is but a whisper as yet, with no official confirmation although we might not have to wait long to find out as MotoGP will be making an official announcement on August 10th.

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