Dovizioso ‘happy, we did everything’

Andrea Dovizioso re-confirms his impressions of the early version of Ducati’s GP19 from Valencia at a two-day test at Jerez; “our pace is good, our speed is good.”
Dovizioso ‘happy, we did everything’

Andrea Dovizioso can go into the winter break content in the knowledge he and Ducati “did everything” they had set out to accomplish at a two-day MotoGP test at Jerez, with the Italian reconfirming the “interesting” feelings experienced with an early version of the GP19.

The runner-up in both of the past two seasons posted the seventh quickest time, his best lap clocking in at just 0.2s slower than surprise pace setter Takaaki Nakagami. But more than his time, his impressions that Ducati has found a “very small improvement” for its turning woes of the past.

“We are happy because we did what we wanted today,” said Dovizioso on Thursday evening. “We were able to test a bit better than yesterday, and we confirmed the same feeling as Valencia. The material we compared here, I have the same feeling as Valencia.



“It was the only goal we had because we didn’t have a completely new bike. We had something to try. We had to give the right feedback to make the new bike. The feeling is the same for me and for Danilo here and Valencia. This is very important.

“So we did everything. I’m happy because I was able to use my body in a normal way. The improvement was very, very small. So this is just to confirm our pace is good, our speed is good, especially with the used tyre.

“But we want something more. The target wasn’t to improve a lot at this test, because we didn’t have something big and we didn’t expect to improve a lot. we’re going home relaxed with a clear idea. For sure we have to improve some more in some areas.

“[In terms of turning] A very small improvement. It’s good to feel something different here. But the lap time and what can be better in the race still is very small. But the goal is to understand something for future.”

While Danilo Petrucci and Jack Miller tested a variety of products, including a revised seat unit and new rear brake linkage system, Dovizioso was unwilling to divulge details of his testing programme.

Rather he said, “Fortunately in this moment, Ducati is able to manage all the bikes on the track in a good way. And Ducati is able to test a lot of things with all the riders. This is the positive thing about the situation, I think.

“Ducati is smart enough to understand what the factory team has to try, and what some other teams and riders have to try. So in this situation we are able to test a lot of things. We had a lot of things. This is positive. But we didn’t have a lot, but something to understand.”

His thoughts on the futility of pushing for fast times at a test were also aired. “It's three years with Michelin, and I think everybody already understands that the lap time at the end of the test doesn't mean anything.

“Especially when the riders are very close. So this is not too important. There are a lot of ways to make a test. There are some riders who push 99%, some riders want to push 80%, and test the material.

“And we don't have a lot of tyres to do the test, so you have to decide to use the tyre to make the lap time, or to make a comparison of the material. So the final result is not important. Especially at this kind of test, Valencia and Jerez. And there are a lot of examples.”