F1's Mark Webber: 'TT is absolutely incredible'

Unprompted gushing aplenty

Bike mad Formula One's Mark Webber has shown his utmost respect for the TT.

Speaking to the Sydney Sun Herald, the Aussie said: "There's a [motor]bike race on the Isle of Man and to see what the riders do is amazing. To see what a human can do, the concentration levels while knowing just the smallest mistake could mean you might die, is absolutely incredible.''

Webber was a guest at the 2008 TT and the experience left a lasting impression. At the time he was quoted as saying: "I’ve always heard of the TT being hugely unique, but, as usual, TV, ‘YouTube’ etc doesn’t do justice whatsoever to how special the event and the competitors are.”

“To start with, the course itself is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been to plenty of race tracks around the world, but to see 37 miles of public roads closed off for racing is just awe-inspiring.”

“I’ve been to some of the biggest sporting events in the world too, but standing there with my Dad it’s the first time I’ve been blown away as a spectator by such an event.”

“These guys deserve so much more recognition for what they do. People talk about concentration in sport – I would like to see one that rivals what they do!"

Source: IOMTT.com