Visin Heated Visor Insert aims to eradicate visor misting

A new battery-powered heated visor insert has been launched by Visin, available now and aimed at expelling and preventing visor misting.

Visin Heated Visor Insert

A new heated visor has been launched by Visin as a proposed solution to visor misting.

The Visin Heated Visor Insert uses a battery powered controller and a coated visor insert which allows electricity to pass through it, the action of which creates heat, which itself expels any existing fog on the helmet visor while also preventing any subsequent build up.

When the system is active, it is constantly supplied with power, which of course presents the question of battery life. Visin says the system can last for up to eight hours on one charge. There is also a ‘boost’ setting, which increases the power supply 2.5-times and lasts for 40 seconds to quickly clear the visor in extreme conditions. Speaking of which, Visin says its heated visor has an operating window of between -20C and 60C.

Such a temperature range means the system might be something to consider for off-road riders as well as those who like to stick to the asphalt, and Visin has this covered off with a universal fitment for both road and enduro-style helmets.

Additionally, a Shoei-specific fitment is available, and Visin says that more manufacturer-specific fitments will arrive in the future.

Visin is derived from Diamond Coatings, a West Midlands-based company with a background in the aerospace, automotive and military sectors. It was also supplied coatings to ESA and NASA’s joint Solar Orbiter project.

The Visin Heated Visor Insert is available to purchase on the Visin website, with prices starting at £179.95.