Cardo launches new voice recording feature for Packtalk devices

A new voice recording feature has been released by Cardo for its Packtalk Edge, Neo, and Custom devices, available via a software update.

Cardo Systems Packtalk Edge.

Cardo Systems has announced a new software update for its intercom systems that allows the user to record their system’s audio.

The new intercom audio recording feature allows users of Cardo Packtalk Edge, Neo, and Custom (with the Platinum Package subscription) devices to record and save the conversations they have via the intercom while out riding with friends, thus helping to preserve those memorable moments that only riding with friends can provide.

Although the recording can only be made from a Packtalk Edge, Neo, or Custom device (i.e. those equipped with second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication), the conversations recorded can be with anyone using first-generation Packtalk devices (Black, and Bold, for example) or a bridged phone connection.

To take advantage of the new recording feature, users should download the latest 7.0 update to the Cardo Connect app, on the homepage of which there will now be a ‘mic’ button that, once pressed, will enable the intercom recording.

Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer at Cardo Systems, said: “Providing solutions to enhance the riding experience is our number one goal at Cardo. With this update, we are at the forefront of advanced technology, offering a simple and seamless platform to record and store audio directly on the rider’s cell phone. All with just the push of a button.”

Head to the Cardo website to browse their current intercom range, including the Packtalk range that now allows for intercom recording, and to find your nearest stockist.

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