Sena has launched two new smart helmets in Europe, with a full-face and flip-up

Sena’s two smart helmets, the Impulse and Stryker, are now available in Europe, featuring Bluetooth technology and LED tail lights.

Sena Impulse helmet. - Sena

SENA has announced that its Impulse and Stryker smart helmets are now available in Europe. 

Both the Impulse and Stryker helmets make use of Sena’s Mesh communication technology, as well as a microphone and speakers delivered by the audio company, Harman Kardon. Both helmets also include voice command in eight languages; a magnetic pogo charging port; retractable sun visor, LED tail light; voice-activated digital assistant access for such as Siri or Google; and DOT or ECE certification. Sena also says the helmets come with an “intermediate oval fit” in a press release.

At this point, it feels like a good time to mention that there are actually differences between the helmets. Fundamental ones, in fact. The Impulse is a modular helmet, while the Stryker is full-face, meaning that the Impulse’s chin-bar is detachable. 

Sena has also launched a new motorcycle app, conveniently named Sena Motorcycles App. It will give users the ability to “visually configure the Impulse or Stryker’s device settings,” according to Sena. This includes “the ability to remotely manage channel settings for Open Mesh, or even set a private group for Group Mesh,” Sena says. “Impulse users will also be able to control the LED taillight via the Sena Motorcycles App.”

The Sena Impulse and Stryker helmets will be available in sizes S-XXL, in the colours “Matte Black” and “Glossy White.” Again, no ambiguity in the names of the colours. 

The Stryker helmet is available through Sena directly, or through its dealer network, while the Impulse is available on Sena’s website, through its dealer network and will soon be available on Amazon. 

Pricing for the Impulse is set at €699, or around £595; while the Stryker will retail for €599, or around £510.

You can check both the Impulse and Stryker helmets out for yourself on Sena’s website, here.