Ruroc launching Atlas 3.0 street and sports motorcycle helmet

The Ruroc 3.0 motorcycle helmet features a new edge-to-edge visor, better aerodynamics and T-300 carbon fibre construction

Ruroc ATLAS 3.0 motorcycle helmet

RUROC is a brand synonymous with the world of extreme and winter sports. But in our mind, nothing is quite as extreme as riding a motorcycle, and Ruroc is about to step up with its highest spec and best motorcycle helmet to date – the ATLAS 3.0.

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Ruroc is continuing its trend of creating bold helmets that get your attention thanks to intricate colour schemes and the overall striking architecture of the lids. The new ATLAS 3.0 takes that ethos and runs to the hills with it, as this might just be the ultimate head-turning bike helmet.

Firmly aimed at street and sports riders, the ATLAS 3.0 uses sharp lines and muscular details to create an imposing yet pleasing lid. The outer shell is created from T-300 carbon fibre and is covered by three outer-shell sizes, from XS through to XXL.

The new outer is more aerodynamic than before, thanks to tweaks to the overall shape, but also changes to the visor mechanism. Previously, on the ATLAS 2.0, the visor mech’ was shrouded in, with Ruroc changing all that for the new model by integrating the system into the shell. The result? The exterior is sleeker and better finished, and when out on the road the lid should be quieter for the rider and less susceptible to buffeting.

Inside the Ruroc, a new liner system promises greater comfort over longer distances, still with the ability to remove and wash the liner as and when required. The rubber seal between the shell and the visor has also been revised, improving the protection against wind and rain.

As with any modern-day motorcycle product, connectivity is the key to connecting with people! On that front, the new ATLAS 3.0 is compatible with the Shockwave Bluetooth unit, with an innovative and simple plug-and-play setup, removing the need to thread wires and cables through the interior of the lid.

As with the rest of the range of Ruroc snow and motorcycle products, the keynote speech is how they look. Ruroc has always made some of the boldest and best-finished lids on the market – and that hasn’t changed with the new ATLAS 3.0. It is available in a choice of 16 styles, and there is a total of nine visor options available!

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