Arai Marks 15th Edition of IoM TT Special Edition Motorcycle Helmet

As has now happened on 15 separate occasions, Arai has launched a special edition of its RX-7V Evo motorcycle helmet for the Isle of Man TT

Arai RX-7V Evo Isle of Man TT 2024

The launch of the Isle of Man TT edition of a sporty Arai motorcycle helmet (the Arai RX-7V Evo for the last few years) has by now become almost as much a traditional part of the famous motorcycle road race as any other element of the annual build-up to it.

2024’s is the 15th edition of the TT-special Arai, the Japanese company having only missed the years the race has missed itself - 2020 and 2021 - since the first version in 2008.

As usual, the design takes on some of the iconography of the TT and the Isle of Man itself, such as the Triskelion (Three Legs of Man), the text “Ellan Vannin” (“Isle of Man” in Manx), and the TT logo. The design of the helmet also has its roots in the branding style that the TT event has taken on since it returned from its two-year pandemic-enforced break in 2022, with the palette of the helmet consisting almost entirely of white, red, and various shades of blue and orange - all organised, by famous Italian designer Aldo Drudi, in a kind of neo-retro style.

Akihito Arai, Arai Helmet Europe B.V. Managing Director, said: “Wow. This is always a special moment for all of us at Arai Helmet and the 2024 RX-7V Limited Edition EVO IoM TT is absolutely amazing. Drudi Performance has excelled and created something so fresh, yet with all the elements of the design that fans and collectors expect. We had no idea when we started 15 years ago how important every year’s special TT helmet would become to so many people. All I can say now is – roll on next year’s TT!”

The Arai RX-7V Evo Isle of Man TT 2024 is expected to be available from June 2024. Pre-orders are open now on the Visor Shop, where the full retail price is £849.99. To pre-order, a £429.99 deposit is required.

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