Platform overshoes for short motorcycle riders are here!

Short-arse motorcycle riders rejoice! Platform shoes are here to save you from those slow speed fumbles and falls!


SPEAKING as somebody who is classed as short – there really is nothing worse than having to teeter on the seat of a tall motorcycle and having to carry out some slow speed manoeuvre. Not being able to get your foot comfortably and firmly to the ground risks embarrassment at best - a bust ankle and a damaged bike at worst.

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And as the trend for ever taller more towering adventure touring bikes continues, it may seem like shorter riders are being forced to settle for smaller and less well-specced machines – until now.

Previously the only way to make a tall bike totally safe for smaller riders was to fit a lowering kit (that involves swapping out linkages to lower the overall ride height of the motorcycle) or opting for a lowered or shaved seat. Each of those options has a small but detrimental effect on the performance or comfort of the motorcycle. UpBikers height increasing overshoes don’t.

The UpBikers overshoes had a handy 4cm to the riders foot and two, securing across the instep and also around the heel. On the underside of the overshoe, there is a recess which means the gear lever should sit in a more natural position allowing easy changes of gear. Likewise, on the other shoe, there is another recess for the rear brake to nestle.

The UpBiker overshoes are priced at around €75 and are only available from the UpBikers website. We’ve reached out to see if they are willing to send us a set for a product test – we’ll let you know how we get on once they arrive!