Petronas launch new motorcycle oil

Just in time for the new MotoGP season, petrochemical giant Petronas launch Sprinta, the new motorcycle oil for all engine types.

Petronas launch new motorcycle oil

2019 IS A BIG YEAR FOR PETRONAS; not only are they flinging themselves into the lion’s den by launching a MotoGP team, in partnership with the Sepang circuit and Yamaha. They are also spreading their umbrella across the whole theatre of grand prix racing as they will compete in Moto3, Moto2, MotoGP and MotoE.

To make the most of this blanket of coverage, the boffins at Petronas have developed a range of oils to look after the insides of two and four-stroke engines. Sprinta replaces and improves on the outgoing Syntium Moto range of oils and covers:


  • F100 – 15w-40
  • F100 – 20w-50
  • F500 – 10w-40
  • F500 – 15w-50
  • F700E – 10w-30
  • F900 – 10w-40
  • F900 – 10w-50
  • F900 – 5w40


  • Mineral T100
  • Semi-synthetic T500
  • Full-synthetic T900

PETRONAS Sprinta uses, what the company call, UltraFlex technology, which the is claimed to enhance oil stability, helping it to withstand the internal stresses of the engine, helping to keep your bike running quietly, smoothly and at its best.

For more information on the Sprinta range, click here.

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