New GPS motorcycle lock to bring new layer of security

The new product will be launched in summer 2019

A NEW GPS MOTORCYCLE lock is about to hit the market, promising to introduce a new layer of motorcycle security.

The Limpet lock is three years and £250,000 in the making, and operates within two parameters. When the lock is activated, the user must set up a geofence - an area within which the bike must remain - and a sensitivity monitor. The alarm is activated if either of the parameters is breached and sets off strobe lights and a piercing alarm, as well as texting the owner to alert them to the movement.

The lock is expected to cost £129.99, with a motorcycle specific attachment at £29.99 and a yearly subscription of £39.96.

It is made by Norwich company Geotekk, which was founded by friends James Sheppard and Matthew Leach, who came up with the idea after both their bikes were stolen. In 2015 the pair secured £200,000 in angel investment, as well as £50,000 from the University of East Anglia, where Leach studied medicine, to begin the prototyping process.

After funding £10,000 through Kickstarter for further testing, Geotekk is hoping to launch the Limpet in summer 2019.

“Bike thefts are an increasing problem, with criminals going out with wire cutters or even angle-grinders to saw traditional locks off bikes,” said Sheppard. “Statistically a lot of bikes are stolen close to the owner’s home, so getting that alert in the crucial first few moments could allow owners to stop the theft.”

“The idea is layering security,” he added. “We suggest that you use it alongside more traditional locks, but if you’re in a low-risk area and are popping into the pub for a drink you could just use the Limpet.”

“The accelerometer which measures impact on the Limpet can be set by the user so that it’s not going off all the time. There’s also an override.”

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