Is this the worst helmet design ever?

Because looking cool is important but, looking where you are going should really be top priority!

Iron Man helemet

WE'VE all seen a motorcycle helmet and thought, ‘Nope! Not for me!' Well, this Iron Man replica lid we spotted on’s Pinterest page is right up there with Predator replica from a few years back!

So, first things first, the split-level chin-bar that is supposed to make this look like a full-face lid, seems to be made from flimsy plastic. So zero protection points there! And the whole front of the helmet looks like it would be about as watertight as a sieve and we haven’t even got on to the eye holes!

Why are the holes located where your forehead should be? I’m pretty sure, unless you ride using inbuilt radar, that the openings you look out of should at least be somewhere near your eyes? Or am I just being old-fashioned!

Thankfully there is no link to a manufacturers website or click to by button, so the chances of seeing this out in the real world are slim. But still, if you do spot someone wearing one, be sure to point. And laugh.