New Givi body armour protection for your motorcycle - plus it’s attractive

Armour-up for this coming riding season. Protect what’s dearest to you, keep it safe and treat it well - Givi the perfect treat to your two-wheeled companion, with sleek motorcycle armour. 

Givi Africa Twin body armour protection

GIVI is known for their accessories; often bags, cases, screens… even a helmet or two. But this latest release of motorcycle body armour is aimed to protect the most vulnerable parts of your motorcycle, both off-road and on it. Should you armour-up for the coming riding season?

Your motorcycle will carry you through all sorts over its lifetime, it’s only fair that you look after it too - more than just putting air in the tyres and giving it a quick wash every now and then.

GIVI encourages you to look after your steed just as much as a knight would in the Middle Ages, when on horseback a rider would adorn their trusty companion in protective attire. 

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Thankfully, for them and for me, the available protection has advanced a tiny bit since the Middle Ages, exponentially so with GIVI. They are providing armour for almost all models on the market, which will be placed at specific points on the motorcycle to prevent damage from drops, falls or simple abrasion from stones or gravel. Or arrows?

Sometimes armour on a motorcycle can be a bit unsightly, in odd shapes or colours, and sticking out (and not in a good way), but GIVI has provided a sleek option for those who want the protection, but without much change to the outward appearance of the motorcycle. GIVI has the wares if you have the coin.

What motorcycle armour is available?

GIVI Engine sliders

Or ‘anti-fall stop’. Available in four colours, aluminium grey, black, red and green) with no visible screws. Aerodynamic in design, with an anodised aluminium base and fibreglass-reinforced polymer body.

GIVI Crankcase covers

Made of aluminium, and alongside giving your bike a stronger ‘off-road’ appearance, the crankcase cover protects from changes in gradient, potholes & stones.

GIVI Heat protectors

Built for your side-saddlebags. Made of anodised aluminium, with a heat-resistant adhesive strip in fabric capable of resisting high temperatures from the exhaust. 

There are also other protective elements such as: manifold protectors, tubular engine fenders, rear-wheel mudguards, and protectors for Boxer engines and radiators.

If that all sounds good, get on to the GIVI website and see what they’ve got.