New colours for Venhill cables for classic bikes

A new grey colour has been added in two sizes for the classic-bike-aimed tacho and speedo cables from British brand Venhill.

Venhill cable

A new colour of speedo and tacho cable has been added to the range of the British brand Venhill, with a new grey option - aimed at classic British and Japanese bikes - becoming available in two sizes.

The new grey colour is available now on both the tacho and speedo cables from Venhill.

Made in Venhill’s UK factory, each cable features a right-hand wound inner shafting, which Venhill says provides “a durable but flexible drive.”

On the outside, a specially made, double-wound conduit comprises the outer casing. A PVC coating on top of that protects it against dirt, corrosion, and other damages.

A recent technical upgrade on its speedo and tacho cables from Venhill has been new brass drive ends, which have been designed to fit the square drive ends of reconditioned speedometers more accurately.

Available in two sizes - 2.5mm and 3mm - the Venhill speedo and tacho cables’ new grey colour is aimed at application on classic Japanese and British bikes. Specifically, the 2.5mm is designed for the classic Japanese machinery, and the 3mm for the classic British motorcycles. Additionally, Venhill says that “Cables with different size drives at either end can also be made, allowing Japanese-sized clocks to be fitted to older British bikes.”

Head over to the Venhill website to check out the speedo and tacho cables yourself and to place your order; and to find the rest of Venhill’s range, which includes clutch cables for a variety of motorcycles and in a range of colours.

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