Monimoto 7 motorcycle tracking system released in the US

A UK launch for the Monimoto 7 motorcycle tracker could be set for a UK launch in the coming months


MOTORCYCLE security continues to sit front and centre in every biker’s mind. The devil makes work for idle hands, and the lockdown created an army of bike hungry hands to meddle with our metal. To combat this, motorcycle security firm Monimoto has released its most advanced tracker to date – the Monimoto 7.

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The new tracker is an all-new product that is smaller, lighter, and easier to install and conceal than the previous generation. Like all Monimoto’s products, the unit is stand-alone, powered by its own internal batteries, and requires minimal mechanical knowledge to install the system.

The unit is powered by standard, lithium AA batteries, meaning even if your bike’s battery is flat the tracker will continue to function for two or even three years. Part of the extended battery life is thanks to the new LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) network that doesn’t drain the in-built battery as quickly.

The new LTE-M network used in the Monimoto 7 is being heralded as a major breakthrough for the stand-lone tracker manufacturer. It is claimed to provide broader coverage than before while improving the time it takes to notify the user. Monimoto is also claiming the tracker’s signal is now stronger, boosting the accuracy of the unit if the bike has been taken to an underground carpark for instance.

Motorcycle security for the masses!

We tried out the previous generation Monimoto MM5 motorcycle track around a year ago and loved the simplicity of the unit. It was easy to install, simple to set up and gave fairly accurate results for such a lightweight and cost-effective piece of kit. We can’t wait to get our hands on the Monimoto 7 for a similar test.

The UK launch of the Monimoto 7 has not yet been confirmed. It is for sale in the US for $199 plus a $49 per year subscription. We’ll keep you posted as to when it lands at these shores.

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