Monimoto Monimoto motorcycle tracker review

Monimoto motorcycle tracker review

If you’re looking for a good value, great performing and easy to use motorcycle tracker, then Monimoto is precisely what you need.

AS a motorcyclist, the security of your pride and joy should always be at the forefront of your mind. Mechanical locks, chains, and disc locks are great, but there is a train of thought that says, ‘if they want it, they’ll take it’.

For those circumstances, physical security will very often pose a small deterrent to an ardent motorcycle thief. This is where the Monimoto tracker comes in.

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Monimoto tracker pricing

The Monimoto Tracker MM1 2G retails for £149. The Monimoto Tracker MM2 3G is priced at just £179.

The system is a simple to use and accurate way to monitor the status of your motorcycle, car, van or even trailer. There are no complex wiring diagrams, no more drained bike batteries and all the information relating to the whereabouts of your bike are viewable on your phone.

We’ve been testing out the Monimoto for a few weeks now, here’s how it works and how to use it.

How to set up the Monimoto motorcycle tracker

Setting up this unit will take you less than five minutes. First off, download the Monimoto app from the app store. Once it’s downloaded, take the tracking unit from the packaging and wiggle the top slightly until the casing opens. Now, remove the tab that separates the batteries from each other.

Then, take a small, flat head screwdriver and pop open the cover to the key fob. Inside the casing, you’ll see another small paper tab separating the batteries in the fob. Give it a firm pull and now the external parts of the system are ready to set up via the phone. In simple terms, setting up the Monimoto is as easy as pairing some Bluetooth headphones with your smartphone.

Once these two steps are complete, open the Monimoto app on your phone and follow the onscreen instructions. It’ll ask you to enter your mobile number and the name of your bike you’re fitting the tracker on to.

Where to hide the Monimoto tracker unit

The whole unit is 126mm x 35mm, making it extremely easy to conceal on your bike. Even the naked Kawasaki Vulcan S we’ve been testing the unit on had a multitude of places we could safely conceal the tracker.

The best places to hide the unit are as far away from the exterior of the bike as possible – just placing it under the seat is probably a bit too obvious and could risk the tracker being spotted. It’s best to spend a few hours removing some of the exterior panels of your bike and looking for the least obvious place that you can. Use the cable ties supplied in the package and securely fasten the unit.

How does Monimoto work?

The Monimoto is a self-powered tracker that requires no outside power to function. The app monitors the tracker’s whereabouts via GPS. If your bike is moved when the key fob is not present, the system activates and notifies the user with an alert to their phone. Not only that, Monimoto calls your phone after one minute if movement of your bike is detected when the fob is not present. For the rest of the time that the tracker is fitted to your bike, it falls into a ‘sleep’ mode. Doing this helps the system to save its battery, with it only waking up when motion is sensed and the key fob is not in the vicinity of the bike.

What happens if my bike is moved within a building or multi-storey car park?

If your bike is taken into a building or other area where the GPS signal isn’t strong enough, Monimoto uses a system called CellLocate to determine an approximate location of the bike. The system calculates this by triangulating the location based on the distance to nearby GSM telephone towers.

Monimoto verdict

We’ve been testing out the Monimoto for a few weeks and are astounded by how simple to set up, easy to use and accurate the system is. The words ‘motorcycle tracker’ usually mean complex wiring and set up, monthly subscriptions and confusing operating systems. But the Monimoto is none of those things. It’s about as simple and easy to set up and use as a set of Bluetooth headphones.

Thankfully we haven’t had to call on the system’s skills in anger, but we have sent somebody out on the bike while the key is not present and asked them to hide nearby with the vehicle. On every occasion, the bike has been found in exactly the same spot as notified by the app.

If the thought of intricate wiring diagrams, complicated systems or talking to a call centre put you off fitting a tracker to your bike – don’t let it. Check out the Monimoto, it’s none of these things and lots, lots more!

The Monimoto tracker is available from the Monimoto website as well as the biggest UK retailers like Sports Bike Shop, Infinity Motorcycles, Ghost Bikes and others.

For more information on the Monimoto range, head to the monimoto website.