Mitas launches new Terra Force-EX line for trail and enduro bikes

The Mitas Terra Force-EX tyre line is the newest from Mitas, offering street legality combined with off-road capabilities for enduro and trail bikes.

Mitas Terra Force-EX

Mitas has launched a new street-legal tyre, aimed at enduro and dual-sport bikes and therefore still offering off-road capabilities.

The Mitas Terra Force-EX line is the newest range of tyres from Mitas, offering a cross-over in focus between off- and on-road riding.

Street legal, the Terra Force-EX is nonetheless aimed at enduro and trail, or dual-sport, motorcycles. In fact, much of its testing was undertaken by enduro racers, a Mitas press release says.

Covering a range of sizes, including ‘Junior’, the Terra Force-EX is also available in a number of compounds. Specifically, it can be chosen in the ‘MH’ (medium-to-hard terrain), ‘SM’ (soft-to-medium terrain), ‘XT’ (extreme terrain), and ‘HT’ (all hard terrain types). Additionally, each of these compounds is available in a ‘Super’ and ‘Super Light’ versions, for fast, and technical trails, respectively. Further, the ‘MH’ version is available in a ‘Super Soft’ version for extreme enduro riding. The ‘XT’ variant is based on the Mitas XT-754 enduro tyre, while the ‘HT’ compound is based on the Mitas XT-454 and Mitas XT-444.

Gustavo Pinto Teixeira, Vice President of Two Wheels and Specialty Tires at Yokohama TWS, states: “Rolling out the Mitas Terra Force-EX means reinforcing our position as a key player and partner in the Enduro and dual-sports arenas. We’ve worked intensely on upgrading our existing range to provide more strength and versatility that riders need. And we look forward to delivering Terra Force-EX tires to customers this fall and beyond.”

Head to the Mitas website to find out more, and to browse its entire current range of tyres.

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