Louis Moto launches new jump starter and motorcycle jacket

Two new motorcycle products have been launched by Louis Moto. A new jump starter and a new jacket are now available for purchase.

Procharger Jump Starter

Two new products have been launched by Louis Moto, with a new retro-style jacket and a motorcycle battery charger.

Detlev Louis DL-JM-10 motorcycle jacket

Starting with the new motorcycle jacket, it comes from Detlev Louis Motorcycle Gear, which is Louis Moto’s lifestyle brand. 

The jacket is called the DL-JM-10, and there is a women’s equivalent, the DL-JW-10. Made of leather, it features a 1.2mm hybrid construction which combines cowhide and goatskin. Certified in CE A, the DL-JM/W-10 jacket also has a range of elements to protect against impacts, with SC-1/SB2 air protectors in the shoulders and adjustable SC-1/KB2 air protectors in the elbows; and the “key fall positions,” as a Louis Moto press release puts it, feature ISO safety seams. Additionally, the jacket is designed to be worn with a back protector.

Inside, the lining comprises two sections. First, there is the 100% polyester mesh lining, and secondly there is the upper back section, which is 48% polyester, and 52% cotton. 

Comfort features inside the jacket include shape-retaining foam, and adjustability in the hip section of the jacket.

For those looking to pair the jacket with a pair of motorcycle trousers, the DL-JM/W-10 comes with a connecting zip which is primarily intended for - although not exclusive to - the Detlev Louis DL-PM-10 (men) and DL-PW-10 (women) leather motorcycle trousers (which retail for £237.92).
The Detlev Louis DL-JM-10 and DL-JW-10 jacket is available now for £264.36 and can be ordered on the Louis Moto website.

Procharger Jump Starter

The second new product from Louis Moto is the new Jump Starter from Procharger.

Designed to be portable, the Procharger Jump Starter is 170mm long, 82mm wide, and 32mm tall/deep. 

Using a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, the Jump Starter can be used both for jump starting a motorcycle, or for charging devices while on the move thanks to two 5V USB outlets. 

Additional features on the Jump Starter include an LED torch; LED capacity indicator; and short circuit, overcharge and reverse polarity protection. 
Further, a battery clamp; ports, including for micro-USB and USB-C; a mains charger and battery pack; and a storage bag are all included in the Procharger Jump Starter’s £88 retail price.

The Procharger Jump Starter can be viewed and purchased on the Louis Moto website.

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