Latest motorcycle helmets from Arai | Profile-V & Rapide

We have a look at two motorcycle helmets from Arai - the Profile-V & Rapide. Hand-built by master craftsman in Japan.

Arai motorcycle helmets Profile-V Rapide

ARAI has shown two of their latest motorcycle helmets, the Profile-V & Rapide, so let’s take a quick look at their latest releases. 

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Arai Profile-V

The Profile-V is a brand-new helmet from Arai. It has a fresh, aggressive style unique in the range and is designed to welcome riders to the Arai family with the plush comfort, protection and features expected of the brand but also something else – easy access on and off.

Like every Arai, the Profile-V uses a strong outer shell designed to glance off impact forces whilst maintaining integrity, working with a softer one-piece multi-density EPS inner liner to absorb, and spread impact energy. 

It’s designed around the Variable Axis System (VAS) for a smoother shape plus reinforcing Hyper Ridge that lowers the centre of gravity and flares out 5mm to make putting it on or off easier. It is equipped with dual intake vents, brow vents and a three-way chin vent plus five exhausts.

The VAS-V MAX vision visor is Pinlock ready and uses an F1- derived latch mechanism; the semi-removable interior features Facial Contour System (FCS) and speaker pockets.

Sizes range from XS - XL in 3 shell sizes, this range also includes the outlandish Profile-V Rock - self-proclaimed as one of the most outlandish designs Arai has put out in years. 

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Solid Colour SRP: £379.99
Graphic SRP: £459.99

Arai Rapide

The 1980s. Naked motorcycles. An attitude that made you feel different from everybody else. Introducing the RAPIDE - Arai wanted a helmet with old-school cool, to fit their style and motorcycle, but with that modern Arai performance. 

Underneath the aggressive style of the Rapide you’ll find a strong, lightweight PB e-cLc shell, with a smooth and round shape, and VAS VC shield system, with its retro mechanical look. Although a nod to the past, the RAPIDE is very much a helmet of the present. Ready for a generation of modern riders that demand a NEW, old style.

Exclusive to the UK, the Rapide recalls the simple yet aggressive styling of naked motorcycles from the 1980s, with modern Arai performance. The smooth shell gives a distinctive, retro-modern style, using a strong, multi-layer laminate construction that is, as with all Arai helmets, hand-built by master craftsmen in Japan. 

Using a VAS-VC shield system, which has a mechanical retro look, allows the visor mount to be lower contributing to a smoother, rounder shell. 

Finally, the Rapide uses Arai's multi-channel ventilation system where air is drawn through the chin and brow vents and into the liner providing cooling for the rider. Taking inspiration from military uniforms, the Overland Olive features a smart matte finish and clean lines.

The Arai Rapide is available in sizes from XS to XL.

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Solid Colour SRP: £449.99
Graphic SRP: £529.99

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