The Givi T525 is a pooch-approved pet transporter made for bikes!

The new puppy pouch from Givi features the Monokey attachment system for easy removal, and a top-opening zip, so your four-legged friend can enjoy the ride as much as you do!


With the UK and Europe still going through something of a dog renaissance right now, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to share their two-wheeled passion with their pups. 

It’s also no real surprise that manufacturers are looking to cash in on the boom, with motorcycle luggage specialist Givi joining in the fun with this, the T525 small animal transporter.

It’s designed for dogs (and cats we assume) up to 5kg in weight, 400mm tall and 510mm from nose to tail. The interior of the bag also boasts a 33-litre internal volume, so should your furry passenger need to stretch their legs a bit, or go to sleep if you’re a more sedate rider, they’ll have the room to do that. 

Another handy feature is a set of drainage holes located in the bottom of the case, so should the animal need to take a leak mid-ride, they can. We can’t help thinking how unimpressed your human riding buddy will be when you cover them in dog pee on the B465, though - might be worth figuring out a new hand signal for that one!

The system attaches to the bike with Givi’s Monokey technology, which utilises a series of interlocking plates located on the bottom of the case that match up with a plate that is solidly attached to the bike. It also means the case can be removed from the bike by using just a single key. Once removed the case includes a carrying strap so, should you need to carry your pooch a little way with you, you can without breaking your back!

More information on the Givi T525 pet carrier can be found on the official website.

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