Forcite partners with Aldo Drudi for MK1S Nexus Edition helmet

Forcite have partnered with the iconic branding of ‘Drudi Performance’ to create their latest helmet, the Forcite MK1S Nexus Edition.

Forcite MK1S Nexus Edition. - Forcite

Forcite have been creating a series of ‘smart helmets’ which are set to specialise in terms of comfort, usability and commitment to the needs of the community.

The Drudi Performance name has been associated with some of the most iconic motorbike racers in history, such as Valentino Rossi, and also recently released - together with Arai - the latest edition of the Japanese manufacturer's TT special edition helmet.

Aldo Drudi, the artist from Italy, has been the man behind some of the best and most recognisable helmet designs in the history of MotoGP racing.

Forcite and Drudi performance have collaborated on a new design for their MK1S Nexus Edition helmets. There are only going to be a limited number of helmets available that people must register their interest in.

Drudi's motivation whilst creating the visuals for the new Forcite MK1S Nexus Edition was one of an electrifying neo-retro design. Drudi used this design to pay homage to Forcite’s ability to relay information across a network in order to give the rider a heightened sense of awareness on the road. But also, as a call back to the designs from the 1980’s to show the simplified approach that Forcite have taken to integrate new technology into their helmet design.

When asked about the Forcite project Aldo Drudi said: “This was a job that Drudi Performance could not turn down. We have always worked on protective helmets for motorcyclists, perfectly aware of the technological evolution in terms of mechanical response, evolution of materials, ergonomics and aerodynamics.

"With the Forcite project a new topic is tackled, the connection and usability of many pieces of information that increase the safety of the motorcyclist and the pleasure of riding assisted by advanced technology.

"We thought for Forcite of a techno-graphic that would emphasise everything that is inherent in this ambitious project, hoping that the emotional approach will tell at first sight the complexity of a product projected to the future.”

The Forcite MK1S Nexus Edition by Drudi Performance will enter production in early 2023. There will only be a limited amount of 400 helmets for the EU/UK and Australian markets, plus an additional 400 helmets to be placed on sale in the US.

To enter your interest in owning one of these limited edition Forcite MK1S Nexus Edition by Drudi Performance register your interest

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