First look - Alpinestars Belize Drystar gloves

Shorty waterproof glove bridges the gap from winter to summer

Alpinestars Belize Drystar gloves

In this job, one of the most useful bits of kit is a waterproof 'summer' glove. Riding in summer with winter gloves is a double ballache, sweaty, feel-free fingers almost as bad a deal as totally drenched, chilled digits.

Enter the Alpinestars Belize gloves. These are a shorty design, which better suits some winter jacket cuffs, but are also totally waterproof. A Drystar breathable membrane keeps out rain, without keeping in sweat, and the construction feels tough enough to give plenty of protection in a spill. The cuff fastener is a smart, one-handed design, using a stretch velcro strap that's very easy to use. They're made from a textile/leather mix, with carbon fibre knuckle protection and plenty of armour.

I've been wearing them for a few weeks now, and they're just about broken in (they felt pretty stiff to start with). They've been totally waterproof, especially in the sodden Honda CB125 R launch in Lisbon the other week (you can just see 'em above there). And while I've called them a 'summer' glove, they do still feel warm enough for three-season use, I'd say. They're not cheap at £130-ish, but feel substantial enough to maybe justify that.

I think they're going to be my go-to daily shorty gloves this spring - and maybe into summer, depending how crappy the weather is... I'll report back on how they go.

More info here.