Eyelights EyeRide HUD launches next month

The new display can provide the user with directions and caller information and is controlled by voice commands


FRENCH company Eyelights have announced their EyeRide system is to launch on Kickstarter in February. The heads-up display, HUD, is claimed to be compatible with all types of motorcycle helmet, from full-face, open-face and modular. The system can provide the user with directions, caller id and music choices on the move.

HUD displays in motorcycle helmets are looking like they are going to be one of the must-have technologies in the coming years, even companies like Shoei are working up a production version that’s integrated into a helmet.

And it looks like those not willing to pay out for fully kitted out lid will now have the option of retrofitting their helmet up with systems like the EyeRide from Eyelights.

The system uses an externally mounted control and Bluetooth unit, that links to your phone. The business end of the unit is the small helmet-mounted projector, that provides the user with the information they have selected.

The system is compatible with multiple mapping apps, including Waze and Google Maps, as well as the Garmin HERE mapping system. The route, turns and any other information is displayed to the user via a transparent Sony built OLED screen.

The unit also uses Discord for group communication and not Bluetooth, meaning the scope for having a greater number of riders in a group talking is might higher – although with some of the people I ride with that may not be a good thing!

For more information on the EyeRide system, head to: un.eye-lights.com