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The Tali Smart Helmet debuts at CES

The new lid features 360-degree LED lighting, brake lights, indicators, a headlight, crash detection and Alexa technology!

THE CES show in Las Vegas has revealed probably the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmet we have ever seen, the Tali Smart Helmet

The new lid is a fairly standard design to look at, although it does remind us of the type of lids the riders from the film Tron would wear, it's the tech that is held within the shell of the product that makes it really interesting though!

The helmet has a built-in lighting system, not ground-breaking in itself, Shark have had a similar system for a number of years now. What makes this lid different is that that the lid has integrated brake lights and indicators, both of which are synced to the bike’s system allowing them to operate in symmetry to the motorcycle. The Smart Helmet also features a bright, LED ‘headlight’, helping to make the rider much more conspicuous to oncoming traffic.

The clever tech doesn’t stop there, the new product is Bluetooth enables and can hook up to the rider’s smartphone. The system is claimed to be powered by the Alexa Ai system, allowing the rider to use voice commands for things like answering and making calls, setting up navigation systems and selecting music to be played through the inbuilt speakers. Tali Connected also state that the system can trigger an emergency call if it detects that the rider has been involved in a crash. With the in-built systems helping to pinpoint your location to the emergency services.

All these high-tech gizmos and features don’t come cheap though, as the Tali connected Smart Helmet is claimed to hit the shelves at around $1,200 or about £900 in proper money.

Let’s hope with all the tech they have developed that they haven’t forgotten that the primary function of a helmet is to protect the rider’s head – not entertain it!

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