Eleveit launches two new motorcycle boot models

Two new motorcycle boot ranges have been launched by Eleveit, with the S Miura sports touring boot and the Antibes Air Canvas trainer.

Eleveit Antibes Canvas Air

Eleveit has launched two new motorcycle boot ranges, with the Antibes Air Canvas trainer and the S Miura WP and S Miura Air sports touring boots. 

Eleveit S Miura

Beginning with the Eleveit S Miura, this is a boot which is developed and evolved from the Eleveit RC Pro boot, which was a product made primarily for sports or track riding. 

The S Miura WP and S Miura Air, though, also have a focus on touring, with each variant carrying a different specialisation. To be specific, the Eleveit S Miura WP features a waterproof membrane, whereas the Eleveit S Miura Air features a breathable lining to offer greater cooling in hot conditions.

For closing the boot, both versions of the S Miura feature a combination of a Velcro strap and a zip.

Protective elements are placed on the upper element of the boot, as well as on the heel, ankle, toe and shin guard.

The S Miura WP and S Miura Air differ in terms of colour, with the WP available in black and the Air available in black with red accents, and also differ in terms of price. The former is priced at €239.90 (£208.09 at time of writing, May 2023), where the latter comes in at €219.90 (£190.74 at time of writing).

Eleveit Antibes Air Canvas

The Eleveit Antibes Air Canvas is quite a different proposition to the S Miura boots, partly because of its target audience of city-based riders who generally make short journeys, and also because of its identity as a trainer/sneaker, rather than a boot.

As the name of this motorcycle trainer suggests, the Antibes Air Canvas features a canvas construction, the weave of which Eleveit believes offers good ventilation. 

Like its Antibes-range siblings - the WP Full Leather and WP Canvas - the Antibes Air Canvas features protective elements in the heel, toe and malleolus (either side of the ankle) areas. There is also “protection in the gear shift area [which] has been [...] inserted by means of a rubberized ‘welding’ process that protects the leather or fabric from the gear shift lever,” an Eleveit press release reads. 

The Eleveit Antibes Air Canvas is available from €149.90 (£130.02 at time of writing).

Find out more on the Eleveit website.

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