Cardo Packtalk Edgephones offer a new way to coach

A new intercom product, the Cardo Packtalk Edgephones, has been launched, aimed at riding coaches, and parents of young off-road riders.

Cardo Packtalk Edgephones

The new Cardo Packtalk Edgephones are the newest entry to Cardo’s Packtalk range, and are aimed at a new audience compared to the German company’s standard.

Ordinarily, a new Cardo product means, generally speaking, a new intercom system for the user to communicate with other people they are riding with during that ride. The new Packtalk Edgephones, however, serve a different purpose.

Aimed at parents and coaches, the Edgephones are an accessory for the Packtalk Edge, and are designed to offer functionality for communicating with a rider from trackside during a training session.

In a sense, it means that riders training on the race track (it seems that this is aimed primarily at young motocross and off-road riders) can have the same kind of immediate feedback and live coaching as someone learning to ride on the road, for example, meaning there is no need to stop for that feedback to be given.

Because the Packtalk Edgephones are essentially an add-on to the Cardo Packtalk Edge, the Edgephones’ functionality is identical to that of the standard Edge, meaning that up to 15 people can be a part of one communication network. The Edgephones can also be paired with other Cardo products that utilise Bluetooth connectivity.

To move the Packtalk Edge device from a helmet to the Edgephones is relatively simple, thanks to a magnetic Air Mount.

Alon Lumbroso, Cardo Systems CEO, said: “The introduction of our new Packtalk Edgephones provides the superior solution for coaches, instructors, parents, and production professionals who need a direct line of communication with riders.

“Packtalk  Edgephones offer the ultimate form factor and a seamless level of integration with Packtalk Edge and its premium mesh network on Packtalk Edge delivers.”

Sold as an accessory to the Packtalk Edge, the Cardo Packtalk Edgephones are be available now for pre-order at $149.95/€159.95 (£137.56 at time of writing, 13 September 2023) on the Cardo website. Shipping to retailers will begin at the end of September.

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