Cardo announces price increases for Packtalk Edge and others

Cardo has announced changes in the price of a number of its communication devices, with prices increasing for three of its products.

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Cardo has announced price changes for a number of its products, as three of its communication systems get price hikes.

Communication when riding is of critically vital importance, especially when riding in a group, and even more so when that ride is over a long distance. 

Additionally, a group of people riding together can become spread out over time, adding to the importance of the ability to communicate. 

This is made possible by connectable devices which can be placed in your helmet and allow you to speak to your fellow riders via Bluetooth, for example. 

Cardo is one of the leading brands for Bluetooth communication devices, and they have a range of offerings to suit a variety of needs. 

The Packtalk Edge, for example, allows for communication between a number of riders, while other products have different specialisations. 

The Packtalk Edge’s popularity, in particular, was highlighted when KTM partnered with Cardo earlier this year to make their own KTM-branded version of the device.

The price for the Packtalk Edge is set to increase, though, as well as that for some of Cardo’s other devices.

For the Packtalk Edge, the new RRP is £356 for a single, and £635 for a pair. Then, there is the Spirit HD, the RRP for which is now £139 for a single, and £265 for a pair. Finally, the Freecom4X now has an RRP of £243 for a single, and £452 for a pair.

This overall represents an increase of between £15 and £30 for each of the Cardo products, which can probably be put down increased difficulty in sourcing materials, and, more generally, global inflation. It is important to note, though, that this is the Recommended Retail Price. The price at which each device is actually sold remains to be decided by each individual retailer. Some will match it, some will go higher, and some lower, as usual and as before Cardo's RRP increase.

It is also not something which is specific to Cardo. We have seen price increases in many areas, from fuel (where £1.70-ish per litre is now somehow normal or acceptable) to food. Everything is getting more expensive, that’s just the current reality.

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