KTM partners with Cardo to launch its own version of the Packtalk Edge

KTM have linked up with Cardo to launch a new 'orange' edition Packtalk Edge branded by the Austrian manufacturer that will be available from July.

KTM Packtalk Edge. - KTM Media

KTM and Cardo have partnered to create a KTM edition of the Packtalk Edge, the latest on-bike communications system from Cardo. 

We reported on the new Packtalk Edge back when it launched at the end of March. Then, Cardo Systems CEO Alon Lumbroso said, “The Packtalk Edge is the best communication device we have ever developed.”

KTM’s link-up with Cardo for the ‘orange’ edition of the Packtalk Edge is, for the most part, an aesthetic modification to the standard Packtalk Edge that allows the device to blend better with a KTM motorcycle or KTM-branded riding gear and safety equipment. 

The Packtalk Edge is capable of linking up to 15 bikes across an eight-kilometre range, with up to 1.6km between one bike and another. It also features voice operation, a 13-hour battery life and one-to-two-hour charging time. Additionally, the KTM version is fully compatible with the KTMConnect, as well as other apps. 

“Our alliance with Cardo means we can celebrate two things that are really important to us at KTM,” said KTM’s Head of Global Marketing. “The first is equipping KTM riders with leading technology to maximise their riding experience and we know that Cardo are one of the best partners to be able to achieve this.

“The KTM Packtalk Edge is a great piece of kit that will really help make a difference to any shared trip with say a KTM Duke or KTM Adventure. The second is making sure that any journey with a KTM is as fun and thrilling and memorable as it can be. If this is done with friends or bike buddies then even better and where the KTM Packtalk Edge becomes pretty indispensable.”

The KTM edition of the Packtalk Edge will be available in KTM and Cardo retailers from July, as well as on Cardo’s website. You can find out more information on Cardo’s KTM Packtalk Edge here.

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