Is bikeBOX the answer to street parking?

Not having a garage at home is a problem for bikers. Is the bikeBOX the solution?


Parking your bike on the street is as nerve-racking as carrying out eye surgery with a hangover. And I should know, I parked my first bike on the street for a year and a half. Then it got pinched! Regardless of the security you employ the thieves will find a way. Locks can be cut, disc-locks smashed, and alarms silenced.

Well now German Company bikeBOX24 think they have solution with their futuristic looking range of portable motorcycle garages.

Made from weather-resistant plastics, the bikeBOX is a ride in container with a flip-up container that can be used as sheltered, overnight parking for your bike. At the front end of the unit there is a chock that locks the front wheel of the bike in place and keeps it upright while it’s stored. The lockable boxes have a weatherproof, impregnated plywood floor and can be ordered in standard, XL (fits a quad or maybe two smaller bikes) and trailer variants.

With no planning permission needed the bikeBOX can be fitted in front or back gardens, driveways and even on a designated parking space if you have one. While it isn’t permanently secured to the ground it looks quite solid, and who knows, it might even get you a discount on your insurance!

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