Metzeler Roadtec 01 long term test - updates

We've got a new man testing out Metzeler's new Roadtec 01 tyres - this time in the wet, frozen North...

Yamaha MT-10 Metzeler tyres test

REGULAR VIEWERS will hopefully remember that we've been running Metzeler's new Roadtec 01 sporty-touring tyre across a load of 'real-world' bikes and riders, with chums of Visordown trying the new rubber on their bikes in the wild.

And we've got a new test pilot - this time based up near Glasgow in Scotland. Alan Smith rides a Yamaha MT-10, and uses it for commuting plus 'Sunday Blasts' round the south-east of Glasgow and beyond. He wasn't so impressed with the Yamaha's stock Bridgestone tyres, so didn't take much persuading to give the German rubber a try-out. Here's how he's got on so far...

"I’ve had my MT10 for around a year now, and its used for everything from the 16 mile commute, to that rare early morning blast. Living near Glasgow means that I can’t be too exotic with my tyres, which spend more time tiptoeing through puddles than scratching on warm roads.

"I didn’t  really get on with the stock Battlax S20, so I was more than happy when Al suggested that I try the Roadtec 01 tyres. I nipped down to the guys at Ride ‘N’ Fit in Paisley to get them fitted, and then popped over the Clyde to Loch Lomond for a first jaunt.

"It was the usual kind of late summer day on the west coast, offering great roads, sunshine and intermittent drizzle. The tyres immediately felt much better on the sweeping Highland roads, making it tricky to comply with the fitter's parting comment to ’take it easy for a few hundred miles’. Riding through the bends on the way to Crianlarich, the bike was rolling from one side to the other much more smoothly,  I’m assuming that's down to the different profile.  They stop well, and seem to have helped calm some of the MT10's suspension choppiness."

"After 700 miles, the Roadtecs are much better in most departments. They’re not the fastest to warm up on a Scottish autumn day, but feel much more planted once up to temperature. Wet weather grip is good, with none of the slightly glassy feel of the S20s when exiting bends.

"All in all, so far so good! I’m looking forward to seeing how they bear up to autumn/winter commuting duties, and an upcoming weekend trip to the Borders."

So are we! Stay tuned for a rollicking rock 'n' roll round-up of the Roadtecs from all our road testers.

More info on the Metzler Roadtec 01s here.