AGV launches Ark Bluetooth communications system - EICMA 2018

This is possibly the most stylish intercom around


AGV HELMETS has collaborated with Sena to launch the AGV Ark, a Bluetooth communications systems designed exclusively for three of the manufacturer’s helmets.

The device is designed to completely integrate with the shell of the helmets, proving aerodynamic, stylish and noise free.

It wraps around the lower left of the helmet, while the speakers and microphones are positioned inside.

EICMA - AGV helmets

Launched at EICMA 2018, the AGV Ark will be compatible with the K-5 S, Sport Modular and AX 9 adventure touring helmet.

Also at EICMA 2018, AGV has unveiled its new Project 46 3.0 carbon Pista GP R. The Rossi tribute features a carbon fibre finish, with glow in the dark yellow graphic detailing the technical specs of the lid.