Dainese launches third generation D-Air - EICMA 2018

Cheaper, lighter and more advanced than ever

Dainese D-Air Eicma 2018

DAINESE has led the charge on airbag technology since the early 2000s. And at EICMA 2018, the Italian clothing manufacturer has launched the third generation of its D-Air family, complete with – for the first time – female-specific items.

The third generation D-Air range promises improved ergonomics and efficiency, with a reworked algorithm that further understands the complexity of crashes, and protects the most exposed areas of the body.

The new system is now fully integrated into the garments, which not only makes it more comfortable and easier to set up, but also contributes to a 37 per cent weight reduction over the previous version. Price, too, has been reduced, with items across the range costing up to 25 per cent less than before.

New products include the track-ready Misano 2 D-air and Avro D-air suits, the leather Racing 3 D-air and Tuono D-air jackets and the Gore-Tex Carve Master 2 D-air.

And perhaps the most exciting part of the new range (to me, at least) is the introduction of female-specific D-Air products, which including the Misano 2 Lady D-air – the world’s first airbag-equipped leather suit for women – the Avro Lady D-air, and the Racing 3 Lady D-air.

Dainese’s airbag features internal microfilaments protected by 27 patents, which prevent it from losing its shape and guarantees controlled inflation along with even pressure and protection over the entire surface.

Research into more than 2,000 activations have allowed Dainese’s engineers to perfect the bag, so that it only covers the areas of the body that actually need protection.

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