AGV goes gold with expensive new Pista GP RR Oro full face helmet

The new AGV Pista GPP RR Oro special edition motorcycle helmet brings an undeniable glitz to the Italians’ flagship sports helmet

AGV Pista GP RR Oro

Gold motorcycle helmets are usually reserved for the slow-down lap after a title-winning race, but the AGV Pista GP RR Oro means you too can ride in gold, if you can cough up the cash.

Based on AGV’s flagship full-face helmet, the Pista GP RR - whose shape can be traced back to the original Pista GP of 2013 - the new Oro special edition version is notable for one thing and one thing only, pretty much, which is the gold colouring in its ‘Extreme Carbon’ shell.

The entirety of the helmet’s shell is in this gold colour, meaning that there can be no doubting the type of character you are encountering when you see one out on the road. The helmet’s trim - the top vents, and detachable rear spoiler, for example - are finished in black, and the AGV logo - traditionally in the Italian Tricolore - is blacked out, too.

Also black (tinted) is the Ultravision visor (with Pinlock Max Vision), offering its 190-degrees of visibility, and, really, a totally clear visor would look out of place on this helmet.

The Pista GP RR base of course means the Oro is ECE 22.06 homologated, and the extensive use of carbon means that the smallest shell size weighs 1.45kg.

Inside, the Oro features the same 2Dry sweat absorption system as the standard Pista GP RR, as well as a safety release system for the cheek pads; a three-piece adaptable crown pad fit; a breathable fabric for the neck roll, which itself is designed to ‘hug’ the neck; a removable liner, removable nose guard, and removable wind protector.

The AGV Pista GP RR Oro is available for in-store reservations now on the AGV website, where it is priced at £1,369.99.