Abus announce Bluetooth connected motorcycle lock

The new motorcycle lock from Abus features a 100dB alarm, motion detection, and Bluetooth connectivity

Abus announce Bluetooth connected motorcycle lock

WITH everything in from fridges, TVs, and now many new motorcycles featuring some level of connectivity, it was only a matter of time before motorcycle lock manufacturers started developing kit along the same lines.

Indeed, security devices that alert the owner to a theft or attempted theft are nothing new, even some top-flight electric bikes feature just such technology. That said, the overall price of the electrically powered, two-wheeled products often outweighs the potential benefit they’d bring.

Now, German company Abus is bringing connected security to motorcyclists in an affordable and simply packaged solution. The Abus Granit Detecto 8078 SmartX is a new type of motorcycle disc lock that features a host of innovative features, most of which we’ve not seen before on this type of product.

Firstly, the SmartX locks electronically, using a keyless Bluetooth locking system. The lock is paired with your smartphone and to unlock the device bring your smartphone within a certain radius of the device and push the lock against the brake disc by touching it gently. The clasp will then release, allowing the lock to be removed from the disc. To close the lock, press the locking pin against the brake disc, the clasp engages automatically.

The alarm is triggered in the event of an attack by thieves and emits a volume of 100dB alarm. As well as this, the product features 3D position detection, allowing it to detect vibrations and the tiniest movements of a theft taking place. This will also trigger an, hopefully enough to dissuade the criminal from continuing.

In the event of an attempted theft, and when no further attack is detected once the alarm is triggered, the 3D position sensor recalibrates itself, meaning the alarm doesn’t need to be deactivated or reactivated after such an attack.

The lock is a step up from the current disc lock alarms we’ve seen, and the fact that you don’t have to go outside to reset the system after an alert is an added bonus. For tech like this, you’d expect the system to cost the earth, but advances in technology have enabled Abus to produce the lock with an RRP of under £250.

In fact, Louis-Moto.co.uk has the product for sale for £228.80, and the Abus SmartX is available for free delivery too.

For more information, head to: louis-moto.co.uk/abus-detecto-8078-smartx