Zontes presents triple-cylinder engines, plots big push against big rivals

Zontes is gearing up to launch a fresh new range of larger-engined motorcycles after completing development of its ambitious triple-cylinder architecture


Development of Zontes ambitious all-new range of larger motorcycles to take on the likes of Yamaha, Kawasaki and Triumph is continuing with the presentation of the triple-cylinder architecture that will underpin the fresh models.

One of an increasing number of Chinese manufacturers making in-roads into the UK and European market, Zontes has so far focused on the lower end of the engine range though this has seen it spin out a sizeable nine-strong range of eight nakeds/ADVs and one scooter.

Now Zontes is venturing further up the scale with the development of a brand-new engine that will be discernibly equipped with three-cylinders and modular to be offered in 700cc and 1000cc.

Similar in ethos to Triumph, which has focused on the triple-cylinder engine format in varying capacities, the engines are now complete with Zontes showing it off to the world as proof.

Though you will probably need to know your way around the oily bits to get a grasp of what is rather dryly presented here, the point of the presentation here is more to show Zontes as an innovative thinker from a Chinese market rather better known for its tendency to trace existing designs and architecture from rivals to speed up development.

As for which models will follow using these engines is less clear. In March 2020, Zontes presented an artists’ impression of an upper-size roadster aimed at the Kawasaki Z900 and Yamaha MT-09 as an example of what could be possible.

Whether time softens what is eye-catching design direction remains to be seen, though it is worth noting Zontes - of all the Chinese manufacturers that have succumbed to clumsy facsimiles over time - have generally forged its own path when it comes to the design of its models.

Either way, with the important part of the development process now complete, expect something in the form of a new Zontes motorcycle to drop in the coming weeks.