Zero launches the stylish new FXE electric motorcycle

The new Zero FXE electric motorcycle has 46bhp, 78lb-ft of torque, weighs 135kg, and is priced in the UK at £10,800


ELECTRIC motorcycle manufacturer Zero has announced a new bike, as the FXE launches into the market from September this year.

The bike is a stylish looking bike, with the frame, suspension, and chassis components that all look similar (but not totally the same) to those found in the FXS and FX models. The exterior styling though has been given a thorough going over. San Francisco-based design firm HUGE Design are behind the new look, which is decidedly neo-retro and quite the departure from the norm for the brand. While the FXS was undoubtedly a fun bike to ride, it's boggle-eyed styling had started to age somewhat. The new FXE offers a fresher and more classy take on the theme.

Weighing in at 135kg, the FXE is powered by a brushless Z-Force 75-5 motor that produces an A2 compliant 46bhp and 78lb-ft of torque. Power is provided by a 7.2kWh li-ion pack, that Zero is claiming will provide up to 100-miles of city range while an on-board charger allows the motorcycle to be charged via domestic plug.

The new bike also features full LED lighting, as well as a full colour optically bonded TFT dash. As with some of the other bikes in the Zero range, the Cypher II operating system allows for Bluetooth connectivity, meaning the rider can check the status of their bike when they are riding it and when they are not.

Motorcycles Head To Head | Harley-Davidson Livewire vs Zero SR/S

Motorcycles Head To Head | Harley-Davidson Livewire vs Zero SR/S |

The Zero is priced at £10,800 including VAT and the £1,500 Government Plug In Electric Vehicle Grant. On The Road Charges and battery recycling fee applies.

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