Yamaha shows '19 GYTR R1, Niken GT, XSR7 XT, Tenere 700 - LIVE UPDATES

Yamaha GYTR R1 and Tenere 700

WE'RE AT the Yamaha press conference in Milan, for all the new 2019 bikes. We'll be keeping you up to date in this update story, then rounding up the main news in separate stories as we go along...

Visordown - Intermot - Yamaha

As ever - these things take a while to get going. If they showed us the turbocharged 400bhp YZF-R1200 first, we'd not hang about to see the new colours for the NMax scooter would we?

They're kicking off with a roundup of how Yamaha's year has gone so far though. Lots of stats and talk about the electric trials bike and the like.

First up though, in terms of new metal, is a roundup of the new commuter wheels. The nice lady and man on stage are showing off a new prototype three-wheeler, dubbed the 3CT. It's got a tilt-locking front end, with a 300cc motor, dubbed Bluecore, so a super-green thingy. It's for people who are scared of two wheels but still want to commute through crap traffic. A Japanese MP3.

Sticking with the commuter theme is a new version of the XMax family, dubbed the Iron Max. It's essentially a high-quality edition, with lots of silver paint, aluminium, and a choice of winter, sport or urban accessory packs. There were swords in the video as well, but no mention of diamonds.

We got a look at the new R3 and its SSP300 version on stage...

Then, it's time for a new Niken GT. Basically the leaning three-wheeler Niken, with more weather protection and panniers.

We did think the Niken was more of a sensible practical sporty tourer than a performance machine, so adding some panniers, bigger screen and other touring bits makes sense to us...

The Niken GT pops off, and we get a moody 1970s retro film about the old XT500, and a new XSR700 XTribute, which echoes the 1981 paintwork. See what they did there?

It's mostly a styling job, with a high level pipe, sweet Pirelli tyres and an optional Akra pipe, all built on an XSR700 base.

Next, a lot of chat about Yamaha experiences. Meh.

THEN - the new Tenere 700. 72 bhp, 21 inch front wheel, and a hardcore offroad look for sure.

Finally, a change of pace - the GYTR edition R1 - a 20th anniversary celebration, limited to JUST TWENTY bikes - a track-only special, with race harness, Ohlins racing suspension, Brembos, race radiator, full carbon fairing, seat unit, the lot. Weighs under 170kg, and an utter weapon.