Yamaha MWT-9 three-wheeler bound for production

MT-09-powered three-wheeler is more than a concept

YAMAHA'S MT-09-powered three wheeler - the MWT-9 - will become a production model, a source at the manufacturer confirmed to Visordown today. 

Unveiled as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, the MWT-9 uses the 847cc three-in-line engine from the MT-09 but in a chassis with two tilting front wheels, enabling it to lean like a conventional bike. 

According to Yamaha the extra front wheel creates 'exceptional cornering performance'. 

The news it's headed for production was confirmed today in Altea, Spain, where journalists are gathered for the launch of the updated 2016 MT-09 and new MT-03

We expect the MWT-9 could be launched as soon as next year.

Our source said more news on the MT range would be announced imminently. 

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