Yamaha MT-03 gets an Iron Man special edition suit in Brazil

Marvel fans rejoice, the Yamaha MT-03 gets dressed up as Iron Man - but... it's for the Brasil market only. Jarvis, get my lid!

Yamaha MT-03 Iron Man edition Brazil

This isn’t just a Halloween outfit! Yamaha Brazil has released a special limited edition Iron Man outfit for the MT-03, and it’s priced at 27,790 BRL, which is roughly £3,630!

It continues a trend of superhero & sci-fi machines for the Brazilian market, notably joining the Yamaha NMAX scooters that received a Star Wars makeover earlier in the year. 

For fans of Iron Man and the subsequent Marvel Avengers series, the new 2021 MT-03 spotlight does bear a considerable resemblance to the Arc Reactor that Tony Stark relies on to power his escapades. 

Decked out with customary red & gold extravagant colours, Avengers logo adorning the headlight facia, this beginner-friendly packs a bit of punch for Brazilian riders who are after a bit of superhero with their commute. 

It’ll only be available for the Brazilian market, and the 321cc parallel-twin (with 42 bhp and 30Nm of torque) doesn’t receive any updates within - so, no lasers, Jarvis functionality or self-driving tech, I’m afraid. 

It’s interesting to see these movie makeovers hit dealers in Brazil, we rarely see similar in the UK - unless you consider the Triumph Great Escape and Bond limited edition models. 

This Tony Stark ride will be limited for sale in Brazil territories only, and is unlikely to be brought over to the UK for sale. Shame, it’s a good look, and I’m sure there are plenty of potential buyers in the UK who wouldn’t mind riding around with that superhero vibe!

I’m fairly sure there are some cool Iron Man lids out there to complete the look…

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