Yamaha have launched the MT-15 V2 in India, so what's new?

Yamaha has launched an updated MT-15 in India, called the MT-15 V2, with slightly more torque to its predecessor, new paint, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha MT-15 V2.

Last week, Yamaha launched the new MT-15 V2 in India, as an update to the small-capacity version of its popular naked model. 

Yamaha’s new MT-15 V2 is a bike which takes its cues from the larger capacity versions of the MT such as the MT-03, MT-07 and MT-09 that are sold by Yamaha outside of India. But the MT-15 V2 uses a much smaller engine which adheres to India’s Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) emission regulations. 

The MT-15 V2 is the second-smallest of the MT range (after the MT-125), with a liquid-cooled 155cc single-cylinder engine. The engine features variable valve actuation for improved low-end torque; and two intake valve cams that switch at 7,400 rpm (one intake for below 7,400 rpm, one for above 7,400 rpm) mean that performance is stable across the rev range. At its peak, the new MT-15 will produce around 18 horsepower, and 14.1Nm of torque.

Yamaha’s MT-15 also features an assist and slipper clutch, which gives a lighter feel to the clutch and allows for easier gear shifts through the six-speed transmission, as well as controlling engine braking to make deceleration more controllable.

When it comes to stopping the MT-15, the bike features single-channel ABS, a 282mm front disc and 220mm rear disc. Also at the back is a 140mm-wide rear tyre, and there is also a mechanism whereby the stand being down results in the engine being switched off, so it is impossible to ride away without picking the stand up. 

Compared to the original MT-15, the new version’s major difference is its suspension setup. The previous version had telescopic forks, but now the MT-15 features inverted forks, which should offer better agility, while at the rear the swingarm is now made of aluminium - like that of the YZR-M1 MotoGP bike - which should offer greater stability, although this comes at the price of an added 1kg to the overall dry weight of the bike.

One of the headline additions to the bike is the Bluetooth connectivity via the Y-Connect app which can allow the bike to show on the dashboard incoming phone calls; text and email notifications; and the battery level of your phone. The Y-Connect app also allows for tracking of your fuel consumption over different time periods; as well as notifying the owner of the bike of any maintenance recommendations, or malfunctions. 

Aesthetic revisions to the new MT-15 are limited to just the paint, with the bike now available in four colours: Metallic Black; Ice-Fluo Vermillion; Cyan Storm; and Racing Blue. 

Full details of the MT-15 V2 can be found on Yamaha India’s website, here.