Suzuki teaser released – The Hayabusa is back for 2021

In news that will make pretty much all motorcycle fans cheers with joy, Suzuki has just released a teaser video showing a new Hayabusa


THIS is not a drill, repeat, this is NOT A DRILL! Suzuki Motorcycles UK has just released a short teaser video on its YouTube channel that (finally) shows us the new 2021 Hayabusa. It’s a fleeting glimpse, but enough to tell us that this is definitely an updated version of the legendary high-speed machine.

The video seems to be set at a speed-bowl type test circuit, the first clue as to the nature of the machine, which also gives us a sneak preview as to how the bike will sound at full pelt.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa teaser

The short clip also shows the analogue speedo (don’t worry there is a TFT in there too) being forced past the 180mph mark, as the bike is ridden in what can only be described as its natural habitat. AS mentioned, the bike doesn’t just have a TFT dash, instead, duties are shared between two large analogue dials on either side, with a smaller TFT between them. It’s a very neat looking unit and it gives us some clues as to the bike’s electronics.

The top of the TFT bears the letters SDMS, meaning the new Hayabusa is equipped with multiple engine power modes, although how many is unclear. It also features a quickshifter that can be turned on or off and there are other settings on the screen too - although they are obscured by the bike's key!

Another interesting point is the text towards the end of the video. It features the words ‘Perfectly poised’. It could just be Suzuki bragging about the job they’ve done with the new bike, but we think it’s a clue as to another 21st-century update. The new bike is being rumoured to be featuring a very trick new suspension system that allows for not just damping and rebound adjustment, but also for more wide-reaching alterations too.

Until the new bike drops, we aren’t going to know for sure, but if the early signs are anything to go by, the new Suzuki Hayabusa is going to be one of the most exciting new bikes of 2021.

The full reveal takes place on YouTube on February 5th. We’ll bring you all the updates as we have them.

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