Suzuki’s new Intruder 150 - it ain’t no looker

Intruding into your nightmares…

Suzuki’s new Intruder 150 - it ain’t no looker

WONDERING what was keeping Suzuki so busy that it only had time to launch one bike, the SV650X (a custom-style SV650) at Eicma in Milan this week?

Perhaps it was this, the Intruder 150, which debuted in India at the same time.

We showed you it last week because we found the leaked pictures of it… well, let’s say curious.

We wouldn’t normally pick apart a bike’s styling but we’re going to make an exception here, because the official pictures have left us almost in admiration of the 150cc single’s awfulness.

Perhaps it’s called the Intruder because the vision of it will intrude into your nightmares forever.

So be careful as you peruse our gallery… What is seen cannot be unseen.

'We've got a 150cc motorcycle, a V-twin cruiser headlight and some scooter handlebars. What can we make?'

Like, why doesn't the rear mudguard fit the wheel?

Make way. Exhaust coming through.

'Where am I? How did I get here? What did I do?'  

In conclusion: sorry Suzuki, whatever market it's for, the next time we do a top 10 ugly bikes, this is in.