Suzuki Intruder breaks cover in leaked brochure

And it's hurting our eyes.

Suzuki Intruder breaks cover in leaked brochure

SOMETIMES we see the bikes offered in foreign markets and lament that their makers don’t think to sell them to us. But on this occasion we’re quite happy to keep an ocean or two between us and a new model.

This is Suzuki’s upcoming Intruder 150, set to be launched next week in India. Scans of a brochure have emerged online revealing its specs and styling. 

The bike, tag-lined ‘The Modern Cruiser’, has looks that could be described as challenging. Spindly wheels look slightly lost under the bloated bodywork, while incongruous exhausts give it the whiff of a bad computer mock-up. But the evidence suggests it’s a real bike – there are just too many pictures for it to have been faked.

A single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke engine of 154.9cc is what you get to push it along. The weight (which appears to be 148kg, although it’s hard to read on the scanned document) isn’t as hefty as the styling might suggest, but neither is it a waif.

However, each to his own; if this is the bike that the Indian market demands, kudos to Suzuki for building it. Just please don’t make this a bold new styling direction for the rest of the range.