Spanish brand Wottan announces Rebbe 125cc motorcycle

Wottan, the Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, has announced  anew 125cc naked motorcycle, the Rebbe, which is available with either CBS or ABS.

2023 Wottan Rebbe. - Wottan

Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, Wottan Motor, are releasing their new 125cc model motorbike, the Rebbe.

Wottan have developed their Rebbe model to have retro aesthetics with modern tints, combined with an all new engine, which allows for lightness and stability.

The Rebbe comes with a 125cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke water cooled engine. Where it is a modern 125cc engine it is EU5 compliant and has been developed to deliver power smoothly and efficiently. You get the most out of the engine thanks to the latest generation of electronics installed in it that deliver the 10kW (13.4 horsepower) of power. The Rebbe also produces 11Nm of torque at 8,000rpm, which matches the likes of the Honda CB125R. The Rebbe as a whole weighs a total of 155kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 14.5 litres.

The Rebbe comes standard with CBS braking systems on the front and rear wheel. The front brake has a 300mm disc and 4 piston brake caliper, whereas the rear has a 240mm disc with a single piston caliper. Wottan do allow for the Rebbe to come with ABS braking systems. However, that would cost an extra 240 euros or £212.58. 

The tubular braided steel structure chassis and the suspension have been developed to allow the rider to feel comfortable riding the Rebbe on any type of road. The suspension features telescopic forks on the front end and central monoshock on the rear of the bike. The chassis also allows for freedom of movement and stability on the Rebbe which makes cornering easier and more precise than other models.

The Rebbe also comes with equipment that is designed to make your journey easier. The control panel stores all sorts of information such as elapsed time and your maximum speed from your last journey. Night riding has also been made more accessible by the Rebbe with the use of the latest generation full LED front light to allow the rider to see the road ahead with full confidence.

The Rebbe comes in three different colour choices: red, grey and black. The cost of a standard Rebbe is 2,950 euros or £2,615.54, or to buy the Rebbe with ABS included it is 3,190 euros or £2,828.33.

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