Yadea launches new commuter, the VoltGuard electric scooter

A new model, the VoltGuard, has been added by Yadea to its scooter range, adding to the electric element of its commuter roster.

Yadea VoltGuard. - Yadea

Yadea will release a new electric model into their range of scooters, with the new VoltGuard.

Yadea will be releasing their new electric scooter the VoltGuard into their range of scooters in the near future.

Yadea have implemented a Dual Energy Supply to allow the rider to prove themselves in a ‘Nonstop way’. The scooter is powered by an ATL lithium battery pack (72V27Ah*2), featured with ultra-high density, which outputs higher power at the same time. The battery pack also features a smart energy retrieval system, this means that the battery charges whist riding the scooter.

The batteries produce a rated power of 3000W and a peak power level of 5500W. This gives off a maximum torque of 189Nm and a maximum speed of 80km/h (49.7mph) Yadea’s electric scooter can also supposedly do 0-50km/h in four seconds.

Yadea’s 5.5Kw mid-drive motor with single wire winding technology, optimises the magnetic system with higher efficiency. This allows for a more agile and consistent performance and experience with no weak start or thrown forward discomforts for the rider.

 Yadeas VoltGuard is facilitated with front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers to avoid uncomfortable feelings on bumpy roads. The 14 inch front and rear tires have been installed to allow for easy riders in urban areas so riders can pass through crowded cities. The brakes of the Voltguard have been fitted with front and rear combination braking system (CBS) to shorten the braking distance emergently.

Yadea have aimed to modernise their all new VoltGuard. The VoltGuard has multiple unlock modes including NFC, Knob Lock and Key Lock, which means riders do not have to worry about forgetting their keys. The VoltGuard also allows riders to effortlessly reverse and park their scooter with the use of the P button located on the right side of the handlebars. There is also 21 litres of under seat storage available on the VoltGuard so you can keep all of your belongings. 

The VoltGuard does not yet have a confirmed price, nor is there yet any available availability information.

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