See and hear the new KTM RC sportsbike in this teaser clip

The new shape KTM RC390 has been given a track outing as the test riders stretch its legs prior to the official launch


LIKE many new KTM models, we don’t normally have to wait long to get a look at the new bike – quite often that’ll be before the official launch and thanks to some loose-lipped motorcycle dealers.

KTM seems to have got a bit fed up with this and is taking matters into its own hands. The latest clip shows the incoming A2 sports bike waiting for its moment on track, as it loiters in the pit garage complete with paddock stands and tyre warms. Cue the obligatory racer dressed in leathers looking wistfully down the pit wall and that really is about it.

The video does give a hint as to what the new bike will sound like though, as bikes can be heard whizzing around the track during the video. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for your new 2021/22 RC390 to sound that much like a Moto3 bike right out of the box, you might be disappointed. To unlock that kind of aural delight, you’ll likely have to shell out a few more quid and opt for the spicy KTM Powerparts exhaust system for that!

KTM is yet to release official data but we expect power to be somewhere around the current model’s 44bhp, albeit now Euro5 emissions compliant. It also features a newly shaped handlebar design, a larger fuel tank and a larger single-disc brake system. It also now shares the same TFT colour display dashboard as that found on the 390 Adventure.

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