Seat unveils new Mo 125 Performance electric scooter

Seat has revealed an updated version of the Mo 125 electric scooter, with the Performance edition expected for the first part of 2023.

2023 Seat Mo 125 Performance

Seat has announced a new version of its Mo 125 electric scooter, with the word “Performance” added to the name, which indicates the kind of benefits you might expect to the specifications of the Spanish scooter. 

The Seat Mo 125 has already been established by the Spanish brand, more normally associated with hatchback cars like the Ibiza or Leon than motorcycles or other powered two-wheelers, but the Performance, Seat says, features “new elements to increase its desirability.”

For those unfamiliar with the Mo 125, it is probably worth pointing out that it is an electric scooter, even though the name might suggest a 125cc combustion engine. 

The electric motor - now producing 7.5kW (10.1 horsepower) of nominal power, and 11.5kW (15.1 horsepower) peak power - is upgraded for the Mo 125 Performance, while the suspension is provided by Ohlins, and the brakes by Galfer

As a result of the increase in power, the top speed of the Mo 125 Performance is increased by 10kph compared to the standard version. It will reach 105kph, or 65mph, compared to the 95kph top speed of the standard Mo 125, but only thanks to the new eBoost function, which is only available temporarily and takes two minutes to ‘recharge’ before it can be used again. 

As for the battery, the 40kg unit has a capacity of 5.6kWh and, according to Seat, provides a range of 137km, or 85 miles. It is also removable and swappable, so can be charged either in the scooter or outside of it, meaning charging for people without off-street parking is also relatively straightforward. 

Straightforward, but lengthy. Seat says six-to-eight hours will be required to charge the battery.

Seat developed the Mo 125 Performance on the racetrack, which seems a curious choice for a scooter, but nonetheless says that its comfort is not compromised. This, it says, is down to a new two-person seat developed by Shad which utilises double Alcantara. 

Aside from the performance updates and the new seat, the Mo 125 Performance also features several visual modifications compared to the standard version, with a gloss black nameplate replacing the simple sticker that is featured on the original Mo 125. The front screen is also opaque black, as well as the battery cover and handlebar stops.

There is not yet any pricing information for the Seat Mo 125 Performance, but the scooter will be available in two new colours - “Tarifa Blue” and “Barcelona Grey” - when it becomes available in the first quarter of 2023.

“The Seat Mo 125 is already a very appealing mobility option for the urban and extra urban environment, delivering an ecological and sustainable mobility solution, but it’s now also a world record breaker,” said Lucas Casasnovas, director of Seat Mo. “The Performance version delivers even more excitement to the line-up, adding a range of premium technologies and features to deliver an even more high-end performance, dynamics, safety and comfort to customers, proven by its performance at the racetrack during its development.”

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